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Default Carnival Freedom vs. Mariner of the Seas

Hello All:

I am a mom who is trying to decide whether to book a cruise on either Carnival Freedom or Mariner of the Seas. The focus of the cruise is for my two children - 17 year old son, 12 year old daughter. It's very important to me that they have a good time. So, I'll tell you a little about them both and I would appreciate it if you all could tell me (based on your experience with either cruiseline) which line would be a good fit.

My son has a quiet but outgoing personality. He's a video game junky, loves to play basketball, likes to dance and tends to make friends easily. I can very much see him participating in the teen activities. My daughter is very outgoing and likes to do group activities. She loves to swim and have sleep overs. Out of the two, my son would be the hardest to please.

Which of the two cruises do you think would be the best? Thanks so much for your input.
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