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Originally Posted by mailgirl1978
Hi! I received my boarding passes today and we are assigned to E154 on the Holiday. Does anyone know if this is good? When I looked it up on Carnival it had a dot beside the room number which meant "one upper" what does this mean? It also is toward the back of the ship, will we hear a lot of engine noise?
Thanks in advance for any help!!!
Hi mailgirl,

This looks to be a nice cabin to me (a 6D). You'll be below one of the dining rooms, but it shouldn't be too noisy. Here's the link to a picture of the cabin (if you haven't already found it!):

And, no, I don't think you'll hear a lot of noise from the engines.

As said before, you'll have twin beds that can be made into a queen, and one upper berth that you won't even notice if you don't have a third person in the cabin.

Hi Monty,

I don't see any 4E cabins on the Holiday??? Am I looking in the wrong place? 4D is the lowest cabin I see...

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