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Default The Holland America "Waitlist" Scam

I just had such a horrible experience that I had to post. Ever have a cruiseline offer to put you on the "waitlist" for a sold out cruise? They take a $600 deposit (to your credit card) and in essence, float themselves interest free loans for weeks and sometimes months at a time - all at our expense. They allegedly cleared me for my birthday cruise only to cancel becaue I didn't respond to their e-mail - never got it or the 2 calls they supposedly made (we have a machine) :evil: . They then re-instated me to the list and supposedly cleared me. Once again, when I called to pay the day before it was due I learned they cancelled me supposedly because the due date on the e-mail was wrong & I needed to call the day before! How was I to know of the flaw in their computer system when the agent I spoke to didn't? They then put me on 2 lists for the next 2 sailings ($1,200 deposit, thank you very much!) and 2 days before departure, finally nastily admitted that the sailing was "oversold and no way" was I getting on. $1800 charged & paid to my credit card, no cruise, disappointing birthday, lots of aggravation and no response to my letter to customer service. Way To Go HAL!
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