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and oh btw paramedics get the shaft..thier pay is less than teachers ever thought about making. Yet he isnt rewarded for saving lives on the street....

Yes nurses make good money, but we earn it. I feel like a glorified waitress soemtimes, working in pediatrics, its amazing how ungrateful so many parents can be when your thier to help them. THey often demand i change thier babies diapers since they feel "its myjob"..i mean, hello..your standing right there and you call me in from another pts room where i'm changing a trach or giving blood to change your babies diapers!?

I work 13 hour shifts, i leave my house at 5pm and get home the next day at 8:30 am. I do this 3 - 4 times per week. Believe me, i earn my paycheck! I work with kids who are vented or have very serious illnesses, and run a code on a child atleast twice per month. Its anything but glamerous to go home with blood and poo on your clothes.

Hey dont get me wrong I love being a peds nurse, i love MY kids! But to say i make to much money kinda stings...I often think we dont get paid enough for the hours and the liability and stress not to mention all the time missed from family and working holidays...its hard to tend to a child who is dying...its hard not to take that home with me!

I'm really not complaining about no discounts for me, more so even for paramedics...boy, talk about HARD WORK for no money. My husband see's and does things i cant even fathom.
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