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Originally Posted by linuxpm
Originally Posted by MOUSEFANSMOM
I hire both nurses and teachers as a part of my employment. Teachers here start at $12/hour IF they have a Master's degree, and slightly less without one. Nurses start at $22/hr if they are technical school grads (2yr) and $26 if they have a four year degree.

Yes, we need both professions, but without teachers there would be no nurses, firefighters, military etc. The disparity in pay is pathetic. I have no problem giving them a break in any way we can. Just my .02!

Now don't flame me. I am sure teachers are under paid in many areas.

In my area (75 miles north of NYC) teachers start at 45k and get 80k after about 7 years. they work 7:30 AM to 2:25 PM, have every holiday for every religion off, 10 days for spring break, 10 days for Christmas, and the summer off.

I wish I was a teacher.

I forgot to mention they can't be outsourced to India or China, pay nothing for benefits, and can't be fired unless they commit a felony.


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