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Where I teach, I get to work at 7:00am and when I'm not coaching I can leave around 4:00. I coach 2 sports and so 2 nights a week when we have games I don't leave campus until after 10:00 PM. Last week, I was at school 17 hours on Monday, and 15 hours on Tuesday hosting playoff soccer games. Every other day we have practice until at least 5:30. Many of us coach and work with extra duties. We certainly are not paid anywhere close to $80,000. I have practices/games over holiday breaks and spring break, so I haven't had a spring break in 14 years. I chose this profession and love it, but don't critisize something if you don't know what is involved. I get two months off in the summer, where I work a second job (to make up some of the pay), and we are expected to get continuing ed hours for our jobs and attend workshops in the areas that we teach. I love working with kids. Please don't try to tell me that teaching is a 7:30 to 2:00 job with 3 months off. I have been doing this 14 years, and have never had a schedule like that. Yes there are a few teachers that show up at the bell and beat the kids to the parking lot, but those are the exception, not the rule. You have those type of people in every profession, not just teachers.
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