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Hey Mike (Mehawk), nice ammo thanks.

Never seen a drill when initially sailing, always the next day.

Folks, have you ever been in a building fire drill?. What happens? Everyone leaves the building and it is timed regarding everyone is safe or not. Good practice.

What happens on a ship is they do the "honk, honk" horn ex times, all the crew are already in place to guide and lead....mmm

Why do they not do an actual evacuation, for every line and for every ship at least once per year?

That is the only way you will know

Your lifeboats all work.
The crew are competent in how they deal with a “sudden scenario�.
How long will take to get everyone off this ship,,,really?

And in X minutes they can prove that everyone on our ship will be safe if the worst happens, and when the crew and the passengers don’t expect it.

But not through….. you know already it is going to happen and the crew and most passengers are “sitting in their cabins, life jacket on� and waiting for it to happen.

Tell the truth, after sailing day or drill day, could you find your "muster station" three days into your cruise?

It’s an exercise they do for legal reasons, nothing more. And it is so down the agenda of some lines that they do it before their customers have become acquainted with the ship and its lay out, ie do it when sailing. That tells it’s its own story, their vision of your safety.

Get the drill out of the way and open the shops and casino.....we need to make money
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