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Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
Yes nurses make good money, but we earn it. I feel like a glorified waitress soemtimes, working in pediatrics, its amazing how ungrateful so many parents can be when your thier to help them. THey often demand i change thier babies diapers since they feel "its myjob"..i mean, hello..your standing right there and you call me in from another pts room where i'm changing a trach or giving blood to change your babies diapers!?
Well, I appreciate your frustration in that particular circumstance. But consider the parents' point of view -- they are paying money, probably a lot of money, to the hospital for care of their baby. Hygiene may not be your job, but it is surely the hospital's, and NOT the customers. Who else should they ask but the closest representative of the hospital? (i.e. you).

Cheers, Aidan
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