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Default Re: Clothes for Mediterranean in May?!


Originally Posted by You
Sorry if this has been asked many times - but I couldn't find it! We're counting down to our first cruise May 9-19th on HAL out of Venice. Our problem is trying to figure out what to pack for the Mediterranean in May! (Greece, Italy, etc.) Do we need jackets / sweaters??
Any suggestions would be appreciated... thanks!!
The weather in the Mediterranean should be splendid for the sort of touring that you will be doing in May. Daytime temperatures typically range from the 60's to the 80's, though excursions on either side of this range certainly are possible.

In case you are not aware, a cruise to Europe is a very different experience than a cruise to the Caribbean. The major attractions are art, architecture, history, culture, and cuisine, which abound in most European ports of call, rather than "fun in the sun" such as golfing and watersports, so shore excursions typically are "all day" affairs that leave the ship early in the morning and return late in the afternoon, with lunch included, at an average price in the vicinity of $125 per person. Much of the significant art and architecture is in churches and other houses of worship that have very strict dress codes, so clothing must completely cover the shoulders, the knees, and everything in between. Practically speaking, this means polo or golf shirts and slacks for gents and tops with shoulders and modest necklines (that is, no "cleavage") with skirts that fall below the knee or slacks for ladies.

The first post in this thread contains male and female packing lists and associated suggestions that you can adapt quite easily to your cruise. Here are the obvious adaptations based upon the differences in cruise line and itinerary.

>> 1. Since your cruise is only ten nights, change all the 15's to eleven plus the number of nights of precruise and postcruise hotel stays.

>> 2. Drop all of the items for "informal" evenings since Holland America no longer holds "informal" evenings.

>> 3. Reduce the number of pairs of shorts to two since you will not be able to wear shorts on most shore excursions. You probably will want shorts to wear aboard ship if you get warm weather on your days at sea.

You also might want to make some of the additional adaptations suggested in that post, according to your interests. A couple sweaters and a waterproof light jacket obviously would be advisable in case you encounter some unseasonably cool weather or some rain, but IIRC the lists include these items since shipboard air conditioning might be a bit cool.

Have a fabulous cruise!

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