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Originally Posted by richstacy
Ships that have large, wide, walk around promenade decks (all Holland America ships for example) always have the drill on deck right where you would get into your lifeboat. Those that don't, have them at varying public places around the ship, lounges, theaters, etc..

Kimbo, If there was an emergency, why would you want to skip your life vest? Death wish?
The best life boat drills we have ever had, have been on HAL...very professional and complete.

The worst was on the Celebrity Infinity...

People were wandering around...several exit doors were blocked by crowds of passengers who could not get IN or the passengers just stood there blocking the doors.

NO staff member took a count of the passengers...everyone, including crew and staff were laughing and talking loudly with each other that we could not hear any instructions....we had no idea if we were even in the right drill station. My husband finally asked one of the staff that standing around where our station was. His comment: "just stand doesn't matter".

If that ship ever sinks...there's no doubt what the crews priority is going to be!
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