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Default Re: I digress...

Originally Posted by lifeisschool
Originally Posted by crazysis
i think kat is still stuck in jury duty mode! wake up sis! the nightmare is over! you can now go on to live a normal life! at least as normal as is possible for you!! at least until your next jury summons!

Since you brought it up, I want to ask if anyone has ever been called to appear for jury duty when they were scheduled for a cruise? I'm starting to get the heebie jeebies here, because it would be just my luck to have that happen.

I actually was summoned for jury duty twice within a 3 month period. Evidentally, unless you're CHOSEN for a jury, they can call you back and call you back and call you back...(It's like Groundhog Day!)
I was called for jury duty that would have started on the first day of my cruise. I returned the notice requesting a postponement and I received it.

Also I was just called for Jury Duty the judge asked about a hardship with a 2 week trial. someone raised his hand and explained he had a cruise paid for leaving in 3 weeks and was concerned the trial would run over. The judge let him go I don't know if it was considered a postponement and he had to serve later like I did or if he was just dismissed.

They won't make you lose your cruise money just to serve they will just move you to a different week. By the way after my cruise I served on a jury as juror number 5 this last time I juror number 3, I'm working my way up to juror #1
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