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Default Tuesday Morning

An early good morning from Southern California. Who cares what the weather is like when gas is $3.39/gal? On Easter, one young lady biked to her mother's house. It cost $60 to fill her vehicle. It's not a truck, van, or SUV; it's a car. It cost me $40 to fill 'er up. Such madness!

Michael, sleep well.
Ken, I am jealous.
Jen, just remember that it's going to get hot and humid. You will long for these cool temps.
Luanne, you nailed it about disrespect.
Phylll, cars! A pain!
RD, back to the old grind?
Angela, lucky you, getting rain.

Keith must pay the property taxes today. I cleaned house yesterday. It was a ruse to avoid ironing. So today I actually do it.
Maybe I can get some shut-eye now.

Back at ya later.

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