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I heard that the run on Carnival was that the crewmember was not allowed in the passenger's cabin but the passenger can get a pass and go down to the crewmember's quarters. Is this not true?

I also heard that there were parties down in the crew quarters and a passenger could get a pass to attend one of these parties. Is there any truth to that?

I remember on my first cruise in 1999, there was this stupid woman (at least 45) who told me in the elevator that her "boyfriend" was the singer in the reggae band on the Lido deck. She said that this was their 12 month anniversary and that she had been on this particular ship 11 times since they started "going together". (She had met him on cruise no. 1) I just looked at her. She sounded like a fool to believe that her 4 day cruises to the Bahamas were romantic encounters with her "boyfriend."

I for one would not go looking on the ship for a meaningful lasting relationship. Now a one night (one cruze) stand. . . hmmmm. that has possibilities. 8)
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