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Default Mv Sea Diamond Sinking

First of all - welcome to the cruise news message board. If it is in the news, this is where you go to talk about it.

This subject: MV Sea Diamond...

First of all, I find it crazy that people are calling this a "cruise ship." I have been on these Greek ferries and they are not even close to being on par with the cheapest Carnival, RCI or NCL cruise you can buy.

They are not governed by the Coast Guard or CDC, and they never enter US waters. If they wanted to, they probably wouldn't be allowed.

I just find it demeaning when the media does a story on a "cruise ship" like this and does not draw the distinction between the kind of conditions on this ship and what we see from the cruise lines we here at CM are all familiar with. All it does is add to further misperceptions about what the cruising we all know & love is about.

The Sea Diamond SANK, for Lord's sake. That is serious. If it could sink either the hole was just gaping and the captain should not have tried to get it off the rocks, or the boat was not built right in the first place. Either way, there is serious malfeasance in this case.

Did the media miss the point that 6 people will likely be brought up on criminal charges in this case? How many captains do you know who would hit a visible reef? None. And then on top of that, apparently they did the same thing as the Greek staff did in the Oceanus case; staff and crew in the lifeboats first, and women and children last - at least partially, there are records of people saying it was chaos and there is no mention of a safety drill or whether the emergency signal was ever even blown on the vessel at all.

I see it all over the media - stories about this ship with links to other "cruise ship horror stories" that talk about the Star Princess and NCL Rogue wave. Don't they know the difference between this tugboat and what the US market cruise lines offer? Neither of "our" ships had anyone brought up on charges. NCL was completely cleared even in civil court (where the evidence only needs to be a presumption, not beyond reasonable doubt).

The worst event that happened with any "fault" of a cruise line was the Star Princess list. And it was very serious, but after the initial error was made there was no negligence by any officers - no one brought up on charges. I just find it extraordinary that they are doing so many stories on this and not drawing that distinction.

What do you think about this?
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