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Originally Posted by shipgirl5
I was in shock to read what you wrote, I dated the lead singer from the reggae band for over a year and he used to be on Fantasy when you were there. However I was smart enough to finally break it off because this is what I expected. I went on five cruises last year so I could be with him, I also drove to port once a week, so we could spend a whopping three hours together. I finally started to catch him in lies, I honestly believe he forgot who he told what story to.
So BEWARE out there those reggae guys are there for the ride!
I had to re-read your post!! I was afraid you may have been the woman I was speaking of so unkindly. I now that I read your post, your experience with the Reggae Man was last year. Could have been the same guy for all we know. Like I said in my post, the cruise is a short adventure and any encounters made on the ship should be treated as such, especially if it is with a crew member.

On another board someone posted a long magazine article about life onboard for the crew, including passengers interacting with the crew in a sexual/romantic manner. It was a real eye opening in that the article made several points that are not always apparent. One of which is that many of the crew are international and therefore, they may read signals from the opposite sex totally different from what is intented. The article also went down the line starting with the captain and officers and their onboard antics, right down to the people we don't see, like the engine room workers. It was very interesting read.

There is a subculture on these cruiseships that, while not dangerous, require passengers to know what they may be getting into when they allow the line between the worker and passenger to become blurry.
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