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I agree that this ship should not be considered a "cruise ship" and is a ferry. It is an older vessel and the passenger to crew ratio was ridiculous high. (approx 5:1) The ship held 1500 passenger and had a gross registered tonnage of 22,400. Cramped quarters at best.

The only exception I took with the initial editorial statement was the blanket statement about Greek Officers. While there have been incidents of ships sinking where Greek Officers demonstrated themselves as cowards there are also thousands of vessels, commanded by Greek and many other nationalities, that sail safely throughout the world that maintain high safety standards. Sea transportation is more common in Europe and Asia than it is in the United States.

There are cruise lines that can be sailed that are not part of CLIA who can be sailed with confidence and safety. Viking River cruises, Avalon Waterways, Peter Deilman Cruises, Hapag Lloyd, Fred Olsen, Saga tours and others are such examples. Granted, if you are looking for a true American "cruise" experience than you should book with a CLIA member cruise line and your chances of disappointment will be far less.

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