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I was one of those "complainers" who took exception to the editorial. Although I appreciate the amended statement about the qualifications of Greek officers in general, I still feel that the overall tone of the piece was smug, especially in light of the fact that not of all the details have even been revealed. I had also never heard of this ship before last week. However, for those passengers that were unfortunate enough to have been on the ship, to suggest that they should have contacted their travel agents beforehand is heavy handed and heartless. Not all travel agents have their clients best interest at heart as some are only interested in making the sale. Perhaps these passengers simply assumed that this ship was up to the same standard. Not everyone is aware that websites such as Cruisemates exist as a resource. Before we play judge and jury, I suggest that we wait until ALL of the facts are revealed. If that makes me a "whiner", a "complainer" or someone who wants to be "politically correct" then so be it.
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