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It is often easy to read a "tone" into writing that actually isn't there. And you seem to think I am blaming these kids for being careless. That really is not my point at all. I don't expect anyone to know everything, especially kids.

I only blame the officers of this ship to whom several lives had been entrusted, and I blame the cruise line for not having very good standards.
I believe the adults who were guiding these kids should have checked out the ferries they chose to take these kids on before the embarked. Ferries have a far lower safety record than cruise ships do.

But as you say, several people have no idea that any one ship is run any differently from another. And that is precisely WHY I am on my soapbox to express my feelings about this - because they are different and people need to know that.

Do you realize how rare it is for a cruise ship on a revenue cruise to sink, even if they do get all the passengers off first? extremely rare.

This is a black eye on the cruise industry as far as all the uninformed people are concerned, but it shouldn't be, because no modern cruise ship that I would recommend to a group of kids would reef and then sink like that. And that further misperception about the general safety of "real" cruise ships also irks me.

Had they asked me first I would have said, "check this company out before you sail on it." The fact that the ship did sink proves I am correct in my point of view about these boats. This was not an accident. It was bad management.
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