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I know for a fact that the VTG Singles who cruised on the Oosterdam on Jan.19th loved the Holland America ship. There are about 20 singles from that cruise that are cruising on the Vtg singles Zuiderdam on Dec. 1st.
It is a 40+ age group which means most of the singles will be in their 40's, 50's, and 60's. There are always a few older senior singles. It will be a classy group of singles filled with people who are mostly successful in their lives and they are very content and happy people. That has been my experience. They are not a wild type of singles who will get drunk and get loud. There may be a few singles who may not fit in well if they are the super party types.

The Zuiderdam will attract lots of retired regular passengers who like to play cards and go to bed early. But the vtg singles will stay up until 2a.m. dancing the night away.
I truly enjoyed the ship since I had a balcony with a sofa in it. I also liked the sugar cones and home-make ice cream. The food was great and the service was great. I gained a few

It is a very classy ship that attracts an older crowd in Dec.1st when most of the college kids and 20's - 30's are busy and not cruising.
Some vtg singles who cruised on the Carnival Triumph in March will also be cruising on the Zuiderdam ship too.
I have already booked it and also paid for my air and hotel. I am truly looking foreward to cruising on the ship. I think it is a 5 star ship. Angel gal
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