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Default Emerald Princess Inaugural

The following paragraph peaked my interest with respect to the Emerald Princess:

A number of new culinary enhancements also debut on the ship, including a special Chef's Table dinner, all new dining room menus, enhanced buffet service, and an afternoon "cookies and milk break" featuring fresh-from-the-oven soft-baked cookies, and in-cabin delivery of Princess' renowned homemade pizza.
Does anyone have additional information about the Chef's Table Dinner? Is this in the main galley or the galley to a specialty restaurant? How many can it seat? Is it a special menu or just the same menu being served that night?

I really like this concept and it would be fun to experience it.

By the way, the smokestack on the stern of this ship seems awfully large. Here is the picture from the news article:

With that smokestack, how can the ship get beneath bridges? Do they have bungee jumping from the top?

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