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Default Bomb Hoax and Port Security

On March 29 a bomb threat was received for the Carnival Sensation and before leaving Port Canaveral all passengers had to disembark the vessel while a search was conducted. No bomb was found and the threat was determined a hoax as most threats are.

Last January the Majesty of the Seas was delayed when explosive residue was detected on a pallet and bomb sniffing dogs were brought in and a piece of cargo was destroyed by the bomb squad. The piece of cargo was also not a bomb.

While each of these incidents were not bombs or threats they demonstrate that there are reasonable measures in place in U.S. ports to safely detect and evacuate ships in the event of bombs or other types of incidents.

My question and concern is what about other foreign and third world ports how safe are they? I have seen some very lax standards. Vessels in close proximity to cruise ships. Small craft jumping the wake of cruise ships when coming into port and other pleasure craft circling the ship and waving at people in European and Caribbean ports. My wife and I even had a conversation, from our aft balcony, with a couple having a lovely day motoring the harbor in their 30+ft. cruiser. No one came along to shoo them away. This was in 2004 and security should have been well in place by that time.

What are your thoughts and concerns on this topic? Do you feel safe once you leave?

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