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Mike, its a very good question, and it is a fact the ports are really cracking down. Even as I was waiting to get a rental car in Ft Lauderdale Airport in March an alarm went off and we all had to evacuate the building for about 90 minutes.

That didn't even make the news.

The fact that they now take all situations seriously, even though the VAST majority turn out to be non-events is a good thing, it makes our ports much safer. I personally think security has had a true deterent effect, and the fact is that we have not had a major terrorist incident in many years, knock on wood.

Europe has always been very secure, used to be much more so than the US. And if you go to the Middle East you see security everywhere. So, to be honest, I think the US was in more of a catch-up mode to the rest of the world since 9-11, but now we are equal with them.

However, I am sure there are some places that are still very lax - the Caribbean & Mexico ports, for example.
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