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I read a newspaper article that did say one of the big Europe tour operators (I think Globus, but don't quote me) used to sell the ship as part of their tour packages which usually use buses and/or rail. As I said, to get from Italy to Greece a ferry is the best way.

But this was not a cruise ship, not with those kinds of cabins. It was a 1986 model, and if you look at the current cruise industry (U.S.) we have only a few ships that old, and they are at least twice the size for a similar number of passengers.

One of the oldest & smallest ships out there is 34,000-ton, 1,104-passenger Norwegian Crown. And it will be retired from NCL very soon, I believe. The Sea Diamond was 1/3 smaller, and 1/3 more passengers, arguably twice as crowded.

But the main point is that a captain hit a visible reef. Sticking out of the water. And what does he blame? the currents.

Isn't a captain's entire job about dealing with currents? I mean ships don't have breaks. You have to know how the ship is acting at all times and compensate ahead of time. He said he saw the reef and did try to compensate, but it didn't make any difference.

Honestly, I know other events have happened, but the thing that riles me so much about this is that a ship went down. That puts a big scare into a lot of people who don't care that all but two got off safely. A passenger ship went down, and that is a big deal.

Do I think they would re-use any of it? I don't know, but I think it could be possible. I am no expert in that. If it is just scrap metal, then I'm guessing they will only salvage it is to preserve the caldera in Santorini. It was very close to shore, and it just goes to show you how steep that caldera must be. They said it went down 100 feet.

There is so much that has not been revealed yet. I read a news report today that said the emergency signal was never sounded. But it said despite that, some crew-people managed the evacuation in a somewhat disorganized but nevertheless effective way.

What has not been revealed is the action of all the officers during this entire sequence of events. But if they are being charged, you know the Greek officials know something.
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