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I brought a purse on my first cruise and spent time figuring out where to hide it! Since then, it's a beach tote, if anything! I just bought no-leak thermal bottles for the pool. I'm tired of ordering drinks only to have them melt before you can finish I'm going to pour them in my mug!

Tote bag will hold towel, sunscreen, camera, sail & sign anything extra I bring onshore. I will have to bring a small backpack for at least one shore excursion. We plan to zipline in Jamaica and I don't think I can fly like the wind and hang onto a beach tote at the same time!


Have you tried to put a hole in your sail & sign card? We have ID's at work. We use them to enter the garage and state buildings. You wave them in front of the security pad and you can enter. A co-worker's ID broke right where the slot is for the strap at the top. He thought he could punch a hole in it and string it back on his lanyard. After that, it never worked again. Security told us when he punched the hole in the card, it messed up all of the encoded info in the card. Who woulda thunk it!

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