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Originally Posted by mstill
Have you tried to put a hole in your sail & sign card? We have ID's at work. We use them to enter the garage and state buildings. You wave them in front of the security pad and you can enter. A co-worker's ID broke right where the slot is for the strap at the top. He thought he could punch a hole in it and string it back on his lanyard. After that, it never worked again. Security told us when he punched the hole in the card, it messed up all of the encoded info in the card. Who woulda thunk it!
Well, I've read on here that you can get it punched and a lanyard in the casino so I assume it will be ok. Not sure about the key card because the older ships need a separate card and I can't remember how I did it my last trip on the Fascination. The other poster's idea of a plastic pouch that I can put other money and cards in when I leave ship is a cool idea too. I'm also considering getting a small waterproof case that should be big enough for my little camera, money and cards. Not sure I would swim with it and risk my nice camera but I could bury it in the sand under my blanket when I'm at the beach.

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