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No, it's not the boring routine you talk about. Typical cruise day: Wake and eat breakfast, usually the nice one in the dining room. Go sit in the sun and watch people and relax, sometimes with a book. Eat a light lunch, maybe something from the deli. Take a nap in the afternoon, wake up and cruise the deck again. Get ready for dinner, and 50% of the time, go to bed because we ate too much. Sometimes we set the alarm and go to the midnight comedy show, but not that often.

Not much on excursions,,,,,just walking around looking. Do we have a good time? Have a blast. It's a relaxing time for the body and soul. We don't exert ourselves in "doing it all" because we'd come home pooped out. I've seen many folks getting off the ship at the end of a cruise that look like hell. To me, getting back refreshed and realizing that there is a "life" other than the day to day doldrums we get hung up in, makes me start planning another cruise, right away.
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