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Originally Posted by shipgirl5
I was in shock to read what you wrote, I dated the lead singer from the reggae band for over a year and he used to be on Fantasy when you were there. However I was smart enough to finally break it off because this is what I expected. I went on five cruises last year so I could be with him, I also drove to port once a week, so we could spend a whopping three hours together. I finally started to catch him in lies, I honestly believe he forgot who he told what story to.
So BEWARE out there those reggae guys are there for the ride!
I’m familiar with the band Innocence (I saw on another post that your lead singer is a member of Innocence). My heart really goes out to anyone who got involved with the him. That one really gets around. Actually the last time I saw them the lead singer was no longer there. Only the keyboard player, the base player and the drummer was there throughout the cruise. Could his shenanigans have possibly caught up with him? The keyboard player is a total flirt. I’ve seen them several times and each time that guy flirted with me. Mind you, he also flirted with a friend of my daughter (apparently age doesn’t matter to him). He didn’t make any major moves, just a little innocent flirting. The base player seems a little more subdued. He didn’t say much but he seems like a pretty nice guy. I never talked with the drummer so I don’t have any comments to share about him. I seem to run into these guys frequently but I have no idea which ship they’re on now as I believe they left the Fascination in March (at least I believe that's what one of them said).
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