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Default Re: Crowne Plaza, San Pedro

[quote="NSWP"]We are booked in at Crowne Plaza, San Pedro on 30 August, pre cruise for last trip of Regal Princess to Sydney. Hotel sounds good, BUT is the ship within walking distance of hotel, like 10 mins ? I heard there is a free hotel shutltle anyway.

You could walk it....I did... just to go down to look at the ship when it was coming in. BUT when you have luggage it would be difficult, so that's when you take the free hotel shuttle.

There is a cute "antique" electric trolly that runs along the waterfront and a maretime museum as well as a lot of restaurants and shops. There are also nice deck chairs right across the way from where the ship docks so the waterfront is very inviting. There are helicopters and fast ferries taking off for Catalina Island and then, of course, LOTS of ship traffic because it is mostly an active sea port. As long as the wind is coming off the ocean the LA Smog isn't noticeable. If, however, there is NO wind or the wind comes off the mountains then there is a brown tinge to everything.

The Queen Mary is docked about 10 miles away where the Carnival ships dock. It is a floating hotel. We stayed there a night just to compare what it was like to be on a ship of an older vintage. There are a lot of activities near the Long Beach passenger ship docks.

The actual town of San Pedro uphill from the hotel is not someplace you want to walk at night but the waterfront area is much more walker friendly in the evening.
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