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Originally Posted by You
Hello All, I realize this is subjective, but my wife and I are considering our first Caribbien cruise after several Baja cruises. I would like to know if there is a good chance of seeing lightning at night in the distance?
Meaning: does the ship try to get as far away as possible from storms or just far enough away as not to be affected?
It depends upon the storm. The reality is that ships get far enough away from storms to avoid being affected by rough seas whenever it's possible to do so. Nonetheless, neither rain nor lightening are any big deal for a cruise ship. The ship's construction is entirely metal (a conductor), so the ship essentially forms a ligntening cage in the same manner as an automobile or a metal railroad car. That is, the ship will conduct the electrical current around the passengers who are onboard. The ship's masts, also being metal, additionally act as lighening rods.

That said, it's a good precaution to "lay below" (go inside the ship) while your ship is going through a lightening storm. There could be some wierd aspect from which a lightening bolt would strike a passenger standing on any of the weather decks rather than the ship herself.

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