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Wow where do I start?!?
Okay, I see that 09 represented!!!
Anyways, I don't know if there is a way that you can reply to a specific person on here so I just reply to everyone on here ; )

To Tricia: That picture was taken on my last cruise on the Sensation with Nassau behind me right before formal dinner ; )

To Ryan: I have no idea who the cruise director was... sorry. lol.

To Kris: My goodness!!! There is ALWAYS cute guys on the ship but as soon as you go with your boyfriend, there are even more and they are even cuter!!! But it's still nice to have someone there to take your pictures with and to be a couple and have someone to hang with and meet other people. Plus being at sea has something over you ya know? It will put a little umph into your relationship and thats something you can take off the ship and use everyday vs cruise ship hookups (And I would know...those elevators will get you girl!!!lol). Plus you learn alot about your boyfriend that you will never know(Like mine has NO sense of direction at all and kept getting lost, I didn't know that he could eat so much, I didn't know he couldn't iron and that his mom still iron for him). lol.

Thanks to everyone that said welcome... I'm glad to be here ; )))
Jay = ]

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