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I sailed on the Victory in January of this year. I loved it, I had the time of my life. The food, entertainment, the ship, everything was amazing. Prior to that, I has not had a vacation for 15 years, you know how it is--debts get paid first and where there isn't anything left, you don't go anywhere for holidays. I had a cabin on Verandah deck extremely close to the central atrium elevators (Love those glass elevators!!!). We went West, so we got to see the new turtle farn, stringray city, and Hell...I didin't see much of Jamaica except Island Village and the pier.

I recommend the Victory, she is a beautiful ship, and she still has a lido deck stage for the band, at least she still does now, dunno if they will remove it like they did on the Triumph, the next ship I will be sailing on this September.
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