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Originally Posted by Chefkel22

Wow! Awesome review. We are sailing the Liberty in July and are so pumped after reading your review.

Glad to hear there was enough to do with the teens. We have 3 traveling with us.

Wondered if you would be willing to give me a bit more info about the shops in San Juan. Sailing in February with a stop to San Juan. Shopping at Coach with discounted prices would be a nice treat.

Thank you again.

Safe sailing.

The Coach and Dooney & Bourke outlet stores are directly across the street from each other. If you will be there 5 - 12am then you need to do what we did.... RUN...... ok walk fast and be one of the first off the ship and then turn left and then up the hill (just ask for directions, everyone will point!!!) because Dooney & Bourke closes promptly at 6 then go across the street to Coach which is now open until 7pm.....

We did "investigate" on-line prior to going there for the bags that we really liked and the prices and took the paperwork with us for comparison. I personally purchased a "large Dooney & Bourke IT tote bag" for $159 which was marked $265 in Macys!!! They have a "discount" room up the stairs in the back to the left that I got a bag for my sister and wallet for my mom.

The girls chose the Coach which, in my opinion, is still expensive, even at an outlet store, but again, I know I saved a couple of hundred dollars over the prices here in the States. Also, there is a tiny room up the stairs to the right that have greatly reduced bags in there. Most of the discounted bags are last years models, but who cares....

And to be quite honest, NO, the girls are not allowed to go anytime they want to and buy ridiculous crazy overpriced bags or clothes. It is a once in a while treat only while we're on a cruise and one of the Islands has an outlet store....

Those are the times the kids think I'm a cool Mom!!!
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