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Default Kindness goes a long way in this World

(author IBCruzin')

The lady looked old. Old, not from age but from life. She arrived in this small town 5 months ago with two small children and full of hope. Now, on this hot July evening, she had lost all hope. There was no food at home -- no more money left to buy any food. A job, any job -- that is all she needed, she thought to herself. She had been walking the roads of this small town all day long. There were no jobs to be had. Out of desperation, the woman knew she had only one thing left she could do. She decided right there on the road that she would do whatever she had to do in order to get some money to buy some food. The thought of going home and telling the children not to think about food -- again -- was more than she could bear. God would just have to understand. As she walked along the road, she looked for potential "customers" in the passing cars. She walked and walked and walked - cars went by but did not stop. it seemed that no one was interested in this small "aged" woman walking down the road alone. She didn't know how to wave down a car. "Oh please, God, help me. How do I get a car to stop???" She thought.

Suddenly, along came a car, a funny little green car with loud music playing. As it came to a stop, the little worn lady, licked her lips and tried to smile. The young man in the car rolled his window down and asked "Miss, are you o.k.?" A little surprised, the lady answered weakly, "Yes, I am alright." The man looked at her some more and again asked her "Miss, are you sure you are o.k.?" The little worn lady looked him over, thinking "He looks safe enough. Must go to that college I saw up the road." With that thought, she mustered up all of her courage and said, "Yes, baby, I am fine. But what are you doing tonight." It was a sad attempt at being sexy. She knew she didn't look or sound like a prostitute but she was desperate.

The young man looked at her and said "I am on my way home. But, why are you out here like this. This is a lonely road and no one comes down here. What makes you walk this road tonight."

The woman blurted out "I am here trying to get some money." He looked at her hard now, with a disapproving expression. "I have two kids." She continued quickly. "There is no food at home and I have no job. I have been looking for work all day with no luck and now, it is night and I can't go home without some food for my kids."

The young man in the car looked at her in shock and said "You are kidding!!! Are you lying to me?" She shook her head hard and say "No." He asked. "You would sell me your body to get food for your kids?" Sadly the woman nodded her head and said "yes, sir, I would."

At this, the young man said, "I will make a deal with you. If I give you some food and $10, will you go home to your kids and not come back out here?"

The little tired lady said a weak "yes, I would."

"O.K., get in the car" said the young fella. She got into the car. He drove for a while down some dark lonely roads. Just as the little lady was about to get very nervous, he pulled into one of the student apartment complexes that surrounds the local university. He told her, "wait here - I will be right back."

When the young guy returned in about 10 minutes, it looked like he had been to a supermarket. He had many, many bags of groceries. It was more food than she and her kids had seen since coming to this town. He didn't say much, just asked for directions to her home. He drove the little tired lady and her groceries home. After he had helped her unload her bags, he looked in his wallet. He had a ten dollar bill and 2 ones. He gave the lady the ten dollar bill and bid her good night and good luck.

What is the point to this story, you ask? Well the point is that when you are at your lowest, God will always send an angel to help you. Just look up the road, help is on the way.

By the way, this is a true story. That woman's angel that night was my son, Eddie. While the woman waited in his car, Eddie went into his apartment and divided his food up, giving her most of it and keeping a little for himself. This happened in Carrollton, GA about 2 weeks ago.

Where did all the food come from? Well Eddie received a one-time allotment of food stamps the month before when he was unemployed and a full-time student. Right after that he got a job at Applebees as a cook and was able to eat all of his meals at work. Therefore all of the food that he purchased with the food stamps was just sitting in his refrigerator and cupboard waiting for someone to eat it.

. . . . And along came the little worn lady who only needed some food.

Now, tell me - who is better blessed? The one that receives the gift or the one that is wise enough to know he has plenty to share???

True story.

P.S. The lady and her kids probably dined on shrimp and steak that night.
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