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Yes, I'm both (spent most of my summers in Montana's grizzy bear country as a kid but lived the rest of the year on the California coast).

Vancouver is relatively safe, as you know, but some of those cheapy hotels are iffy. Best city on that coast - sorry, San Francisco. Bus should be OK and the sky train is much better than the red line. The blend in approach is good although Californians are more accepted there than in other places.

You might consider a night view from the tower (Vancouver Lookout), ala Seattle, or the garden at night at Victoria, although it is probably too cool right now.

For fun go for a seaplane ride or I dare you to walk on that notorius suspension bridge! More tamer fun is the ferry across to the northside or the Aquarium.


Originally Posted by Angelgal
Hi Diver guy, it looks like you are the outdoors type of land and sea.
You are so right about checking things out before heading out to some place. I feel comfortable going to Vancouver because I have been there before. I wanted to stay at a B&B but I didn't want to risk staying in a location outside of the city. I am more of a city gal where the day action is located for me. I prefer the city area since I can take the local bus to take me everywhere. I like the local buses because I get to see the people as they get on the bus and off the bus and I get to see the neighborhoods. I like shopping in the Malls too. I am able to picture myself in my mind that I am there already.

I plan to dress simple with dark colors so I can blend in with the local people. No fancy clothes or jewelry that makes me look like an outsider. I walk and act as if I belong in any city. I am not a night person so I like to stay in my cozy hotel room and watch t.v. and read the local newspaper.
I am more of a coach potato in the evenings and just like to stay home and I make my hotel room like a regular night at home which is great for me.

Hi Larry, most of the time I like to book directly with the airlines in case I need to make changes. I also like to book directly with the hotels too because if there is a problem with a reservation it is their problem and they need to fix it.
I don't mind buying my cruises from travel agents on-line because sometimes they have better deals than the cruiselines. I protect myself from scamm artists by using my American Express card. I also ask for my booking number and cabin number as I make my deposit. Then I go to the cruiseline website and I find myself on the website and I register myself.
I like to have everything planned out in advance so I don't have to worry about anything. I plan to make myself at home in Vancouver. I can hardly wait to get there.
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