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Default Re: Who has a high risk personality?


Originally Posted by You
I am the type of person that hopes and dreams of going places but a lot of the times I don't go because I am not a high risk taker. I am more of a person who wants a sure thing where I am guaranteed that everything will go smoothly. BUT TODAY...... I decided to take my chances and booked a hotel with no refund if I change my mind. But I said to myself that I wasn't going to change my mind even if things go wrong. It is time for me to change my personality and take risks. I have been wanting to visit Victoria BC for three years now.... and finally I have taken the risk of buying my cruise/hotel/air.... and I hope that everything works out for me. My intuition tells me it will.
Every year I hoped I could find a friend to go with me but I feel that even if I have to go by myself..... I am finally going.

I like cruising because once I am on the ship everything is there for me to enjoy including the ports. I don't have to worry about packing or unpacking for each port if I was traveling by land. I don't like making decisions for myself but I have to if I want to travel.
Yes, cruising should be the ideal vacation for you!

I also am a believer in not taking undue risk, but I refuse to sit home and do nothing. If one believes the statistics, the most dangerous place to be is in bed. So many more people die there than anywhere else that it overwhelms any statistical weighting by the number of hours that we spend in various places!

I do the "pay in advance" hotel discounts quite often, and have "lost" only once. Unfortunately, my mother died quite unexpectedly on the day that I had planned to leave on a trip. Overall, I'm way ahead on those deals.

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