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Originally Posted by You
Hi everybody. I have a friend that wanted me to go to Europe with her this summer but I declined because I heard that she loves to go shopping and buys heavy figurines. One of her friend's told me that my friend and her went to Europe and she felt used when she traveled with her. She said she would never travel with her again because of that. She had to walk around carrying a heavy figurine to help my friend who is too weak to carry things.

My friend has a medical problem of weak bones and she is an older gal who doesn't want to face reality that she can't do what she used to do when she was younger. What really makes her high maintenance is her medical problems. She has several medical problems. I don't want to travel with people who have serious medical problems.

Yesterday she told me she found someone to travel with her to Europe this summer. The friend doesn't know about her serious medical problems. Her bone density is so low that if she falls down she will break a bone. Her friend doesn't know that.

I have another friend that is on a diet to lose weight. She acts really bad if her plate of food is not what she was looking forward to getting. For example; she gets a baked potato on her plate. She screams, "I didn't want a baked potato". I tell her to be quiet that I will take the baked potato and eat it. Problem solved.

I prefer to travel by myself than to travel with a friend who has serious medical problems.
Well, it sounds like your friend with the medical problems knows that she needs help since she is not travelling alone. Nonetheless, she certainly owes it to her companion (1) to explain her needs before the trip and, since she expects the companion to provide that level of assistance, (2) pay the companion's way. If travelling with her meant a free trip, perhaps you and others would be more willing!

As to travelling with single friends whom I want to keep as friends, I also have two words -- separate cabins!

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