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Default Re: Who has a high risk personality?


Many thanks. This is one of my notorius speed cruises and whirlwind trips. I start in San Antonio after work Friday and play tourist on both coasts with trains, planes, and automobiles a plenty before returning to town Tuesday. I scout places in advance of taking the kiddo.

Looks like I need to keep awake on your roads. I will study the maps beforehand. BTW, up your way, kiddo's kin were the folks behind Underwood Deviled Ham, but I don't know that I have time to dig around the Underwood family sites. Kiddo's a Yankee on his mother's side and Jamestown on mine.

Seafood sounds good as I'm an old Seattlite who used to work a block from the Pike Place Market. Will be heading over there after disembarking the Noordam. Will keep you posted as I start to plan the New England leg of the trip.


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Originally Posted by You
Will be over your way after I fly to Seattle, train to Canada, take a 1 day trip on the Noordam back to Seattle and fly to Manchester, New Hampshire. Can you advise what to expect concerning midday traffic around the Hingham, Massachusetts area? My kiddo's a Lincoln on his mother's side and I'm planning to swing by the old church and cemetery to take pictures while I'm there.
Midday traffic should be fine. When you are in eastern Massachusetts, tune your radio to AM 1030 for traffic reports every ten minutes during the daytime.

I should warn you that the entire length of the Yankee Division Highway (Boston's inner beltway extending from Gloucester to Braintree via Waltham) is known as "Route 128" in local speak even though your road atlas labels segments of it as I-95 and I-93 because... well, because it was built as Route 128 before there was an Interstate highway system and did not get Interstate highway signs until the 1980's, when a governor and former presidential candidate named Dukakis decided NOT to complete the Interstate Highway System according to the original plan. The locals have never really bought into his kludge, which routes I-95 over exit ramps and has directions for I-93 routed the wrong way (the "southbound" side of I-93 is the northbound side of the Yankee Division Highway and vice versa).

I hope that you will plan to spend a few days in eastern Massachusetts while you are here, as there's a lot to see and to do. Your son probably will enjoy attractions like Plimoth Plantation, a recreation of the original Pilgrim settlement, and the Mayflower II, the ship that brougth them to Massachusetts, the Adams National Historic Park, which includes the birthplaces of two presidents, Boston's historic Freedom Trail, a tour of the USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides"), the battle green in Lexington and the Old North Bridge in Concord which were the sites of the first combat of the Revolutionary War, the Witch Museum in Salem, and both the Museum of Science (including Hayden Planetarium) and the Computer Museum in Boston. If you want to inspire your son to high academic achievement, a tour of the campuses of both Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would be worthwhile, and both campuses have some unusual museums. And not far away, there's Battleship Cove in Fall River, great beaches on Cape Cod, and Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge. But that's enough to keep you and he occupied for about three or four weeks....

And if I'm in town when you are here, it would be an honor to show you and your to one of the restaurants along the coast where we locals go for fresh seafood. Please do let me know when you are coming to town!

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