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Well I see the HIH thread survived another night without getting deleted!
Now that our deprived night owls are asleep it is back to your regularly scheduled programming!

What is all this talk about a GPS? why is it the gadget of the year? why do you need a GPS so badly that you are all racing to the store to get one? Do I need one more than say a new margarita machine? I have been to dingman's ferry, I didn't get that lost! Walter, did you get lost in Florida? and needed a GPS? That's pretty lame. everything in Florida goes E,W,N,S and if you can't read a map well then if you go to far east or west you'll end up in water. if you go to far south you will know it cause no one speaks english and if you sit on the beach you can gaze at cruise ships, drug running boats and the occasional haitian or cuban filled makeshift raft floating in! Too far north all the people start looking like REDZONE! overalls, no teeth etc and the gas price drops from $2.97 a gal to $2.22 a Gal. Seriously, why does one need a GPS so badly.

PS I will discuss with dina if she can post the pic. In private of course, in a low lit room with a bottle of wine and some luther playing in the backround.
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