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Have your parents ever been to Canada???? And if so where did they go??

We had friends from ENgland tell us there son was coming to Canada, he was landing in Halifax and could we pick him up from the airport. We live in BC so my mum responded "oh could you pick him up your closer than we are" Canada is a huge Country!!!

I am from BC and I can tell you it is so far from boring.

A few years ago I went snowbording in the morning and wakeboarding in the afternoon. We have amazing summers here is BC and there is always tons to do!! 8)

There is a great nightlife here and breath taking surroundings. From mountains to lakes to the ocean!!

As a Canadian I am happy that some do not come as they ASSUME we are boring. There are no boring places only boring people...feel free to stay home or go elsewhere....we are having so much fun we won't notice!!
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