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My wife and I were married about a year ago on a Carnival ship. We were very pleased with the quality of our wedding pictures, but the photographer told us prices for the 8x10s and 5x7s. I think it was $25 for an 8x10 and $15 for each 5x7. We spent about 2 hours combing through all the pictures and choosing which ones we liked. At the end, he said, well you can have them all for $500. My wife had explicity asked if they could all be sold at some bulk rate and the photographer said no. He was negotiating just like someone you'd find at a port. We didn't take the deal and he was shocked and upset. Also, he promised that we could get a release to make copies, but it took quite a bit of haggling to get that.

I'm sorry about the terrible wedding experience on this post. Ours was quite wonderful overall, but we would do things differently if we had the chance.
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