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honestly, what we talk about on here is just normal teen stuff. nothing that no one knows about... i really would like to know who would be offended by talking about meeting cute boys on cruises or drinking on vacations! seriously. a vacation is a time to relax, have fun, and do things that you normally would not do at home. if that means drinking for teens, then so be it. its nothing that no one knew about before. teens have been drinking and casually hooking up with other teens forever. its not going to change. i would really like to know what teenager who was visiting our board and reading some of our posts that talk about drinking alcohol would honestly think to themselves "oh if those kids on the internet say that they drink on cruises that means i must have to drink on my cruise too". plus, there are plenty of teens posting on here about how they don't need to drink to have fun on cruises, and i know that for a fact.
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