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Pushy people? you want the ultimate in pushy people I will give it to you. Try and top this!

At times in my job at the FD we run on cardiac arrests in restaurants. I could give you at least 10 stories of people saying things like.
"could you hand me my purse"
"I need to get to my table"
" do you have to do this right here"
or instances where people stepped over us, with the patient lying on the floor, to get to a table.
All this occurs while performing CPR, defibrillating or intubating people.
It also amazes me that some dead guy could be laying there inches from people seated eating and they go on eating, don't even get up to give us room. I have watched people watching us work and putting food in their mouths at the same time. Sorry to say but these people are usually senior citizens.
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