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My personal standouts have been:

NCL's Lamb Shanks: Only served at lunch in the dining room. Wonderful. The Norwegian Sky's were the best but on my last cruise on the Norwegian Star they were a bit fatty. Even then they were still "bone gnawing good."

Celebrity's: Mohr Em Hend: Viennese Chocolate Pudding. A delicious warm chocolate cake/pudding with heavy whipped cream.

Celebrity's Tornado of Beef Tenderloin with sauce Bearnaise: A standard but perfectly done.

Dawn Princess's, Sterling Steakhouse, Cream of Mushroom Soup in Bread Bowl: Sounds pedestrian but it was perfect.

Carnival's Turbot with Mixed Vegetable Puree Sauce: Out of this world. Perfectly seasoned fish and the vegetable sauces accented the fish and were fresh and not overpowering. They also made a beautiful presentation on the plate.

Then there was Ranch Steak on Serenade of the Seas: "The Horror: The Horror: The Horror" ( I knew it was bad but I had to try it.)

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