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I just listened to it. It sounds like a typical agenda related program that will respond with, "You were allowed to state your side of the issue. We were just allowing all sides to be heard." Or some other rhetoric.

They had an agenda and they fulfilled it. I did have to laugh at the environmentalist, biologist, naturalist or whatever he was that was relying on ten year old information on cruise ship waste disposal information. Didn't he realize that the almost every ship sailing in Alaska is newer than any ship he last sailed on and waste treatment has drastically changed in those ten years. RCI being caught red handed dumping sewage didn't help and they have taken great steps to make sure it won't happen again.

The entire final half of the program (I checked the scroll bar) was devoted to negatives on cruising. If that didn't show an agenda nothing else does. I also noticed they never came back to you. With them not going back to you to address the comments, said volumes. It was something out of Fox News. (Hey, they all do it)

My daughter was an on-air consultant on the local "Air America" pet show. She walked out in the middle of the third show. The host cut her mike off whenever she spoke about traditional medication or euthanasia for terminal animals. She does support holistic medicine but also believes in traditional medicine. They tried to sue her for breach of contract but dropped it.

Anyone for Schwetty Balls?

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