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Originally Posted by Meercat
When you count back over the years, whilst there have been many incidents that attract attention, in actual fact, there have been very few (any?) sinkings of cruise ships. ie. Abandon ship - lifeboats. Nevertheless, history tells us that *anything* can happen and the better prepared the ship's crew and passengers are, the less 'cost' to all - in any form.

The bottom line is - attend lifeboat drill - *listen* *think* and be prepared just in case that most unlikely and unlucky event pays you a visit. Just like airline passengers.
There have been a few incidents of sinking cruise ships.

1. The Sea Dimond 2007 (1600 passengers...2 lost)
2. In Feb. 2006...and Egyptian Cruise ship (1300 passengers...lost?)
3. Oceanos Sept of 2006 (Captain and crew abandoned passengers)
4. The Sea Breeze (small cruiser, sunk off Virginia Coast)
5. The sunk after limping into port and docking at Vancover Island.

We don't want to be an alarmist...but 'stuff' does happen. Better to have a prepared mind set...And as the Captain and crew from the Oceanos CAN'T always depend on the crew!

The above is all I could find in a super quick Google search...but the point is..
Even if it never has happen before, but finally happens TO YOU or your family or friends, etc....well, isn't that just one time too many?
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