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Originally Posted by skymaster
I agree with the others that this will be an excellent cabin. The worst cabins IMO are on the lowest decks, way forward, (noise from the anchor, or sea when underway) or directly under, or over the disco, or childrens activity centers. I'd keep that cabin if I were you. I'll bet you have a great time aboard, and find the cabin to be outstanding.
Actually, there are even worse cabins than those. There are cabins located on the beach, for example....

On one Princess cruise I got upgraded to a balcony cabin. It happened to be on the deck immediately above the lifeboats, about amidships. It was a great location except on days when the ship pulled into port. If it was a tender port, it got noise from the davits when they lowered the tenders into the water. And if we moored to a pier, it got noise from the hoists for the gangways and the ramps. I have been in cabins located just about everywhere on a cruise ship during the course of 22 cruises, and that was positively the worst noise that I have ever encountered.

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