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Originally Posted by big apple
Better yet go to south Miami Beach and in particular any grocery store.Lived in Miami for 26 years and worked retail in that market.My advice is to be just as rude as they expeect this otherwise will walk all over you and not think anything of it.
Or the people that live near St. Pete, FL....the other day an elderly couple were running their mouths about me having more than 10 items in the express checkout lane (I had 17), but what actually happened was there was only one normal checkout line that had several people standing in it. A store employee "invited" any of us already standing in that line to come over to the express cashier because she was available to check us out. This old lady behind me kept running her mouth about "not being able to count", with her measly hubby chiming in, until I'd had enough. I asked her what her problem was, she told me, and I told her in so many words to mind her own business. I then proceeded to use my debit card, and they start mumbling about "Look! She even has to use a credit card to pay for her stuff!". At this point, I started playing with them....I would take my time about entering any info to complete the transaction and when it came time to process it, I would ask the cashier to "clear it" because I made an error "OOPS" and would have to swipe my card again and start all over. Did it twice (oops, silly me), hope they enjoyed their melted ice cream!
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