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Originally Posted by colorcrazie
I wouldn't worry so much about it. On Carnival, you will see a wide range of attire on all nights, including formal. I think that most of the folks who are so emphatic about dress codes are not Carnival fans and that is fine. We often enjoy it partly because of the casual attitudes. So wear what you have and dress it up as much as you can with jewelry, sparkly shawl, whatever. But, keep your focus on having fun!
Originally Posted by Fern
Personally, I've always worn dress pants and a "sparkly" top on formal nights. I've never felt underdressed on any of our cruises.

As long as you look nice you'll be fine (especially on Carnival).
I agree with both "colorcrazie" and "fern". I am not into dressing up. I have not even worn a dress or skirt since I've been about 8 years old! I have sailed many times on both Carnival and Princess and I always make do on formal nights with just black dress pants and a pretty blouse accessorized with some nice jewelry. Definitely does not equal "formal", but I have never felt out of place. In all honesty, most people dress up more than me, but there have always been enough dressed the same as me (or below) that I have never felt self-conscious (and I am extremely shy and probably feel self-conscious easier than most).

Dress codes seem to me to be a far bigger issue on these boards than they actually are onboard ship, so wear what you feel comfortable in and have a great time!
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