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Most people just slather up with mosquito repellant and wear clothing to cover up.

but if you really want to know about the pills then here's some info from the CDC site.

Traveling and Malaria
I will be traveling outside of the United States. What should I do to avoid getting malaria or other infectious diseases?
Some simple precautions will help protect your health while traveling. CDC’s Travelers’ Health provides detailed information on malaria risk by country, prevention information including recommended antimalarial drugs, and health recommendations (e.g., vaccinations) for other diseases.

Travelers leaving the United States should:

Visit your health care provider 4-6 weeks before foreign travel for any necessary vaccinations, as well as a prescription for an antimalarial drug, if needed. (There are no vaccines against malaria.)
Take your antimalarial drug exactly on schedule without missing doses.
Wear insect repellent to prevent mosquito and other insect bites. Your insect repellent should contain DEET as its active ingredient. To prevent malaria, wear insect repellent if out of doors between dusk and dawn when the mosquito that transmits malaria is biting.
Wear long pants and long-sleeved clothing.
Sleep under a mosquito bed net (preferably one that has been treated with insecticide) if you are not living in screened or air-conditioned housing.
Should I buy my malaria pills in the malaria-risk country where I will be traveling?
Buying medications abroad has its risks. The drugs could be of substandard quality because of poor manufacturing practices. The drugs could contain contaminants or they could be counterfeit drugs. Such products may not provide you the protection you need against malaria. In addition, some medications that are sold overseas are not used anymore in the United States or were never sold here. These drugs may not be safe or their safety has never been evaluated.

It would be best to purchase all the medications that you need before you leave the United States. As a precaution, note the name of the medication(s) and the name of the manufacturer(s). That way, in case of accidental loss, you can replace the drug(s) abroad at a reliable vendor.

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