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Default Single-Parent cruising w/child

Someone throw me a life-ring please!!!! I'm a young 40-something single-dad who wants to do a cruise with my 12 y/o son. I'm desperatly looking for/hoping to find a hosted-cruise for single-parents traveling with their kid(s). I am by no-means a fuddy-duddy (sp?), thus a cruise with a bunch of 50+ empty-nesters (as was my brief experience with Parents Without Partners) is far too paleolithic for me, my style, and my squire-in-tow.

Though there is nothing wrong with jello shots and/or a wet t-shirt contest (lol); I think the 20-something beer-bong, puking in the bushes crowd isn't my style either. Someone help me... I'm trapped in a niche!!!

Does anyone know of anything I should know about??

Many thanks

jc 8)
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